Works with EMI Works with EMI

Works with EMI is a managed collaboration program dedicated to software providers who develop applications that make use of the EMI middleware services, or who develop additional middleware or distributed computing services extending or complementing the functionality of the EMI services.

The goal of this collaboration program is to establish technical relationships of mutual benefit for EMI and other development projects.

  • On one hand, software providers participating in the ‘Works with EMI' program have access to technical previews of new or modified EMI services early in their development lifecycle, dedicated support channels and joint dissemination and training activities.
  • On the other hand, EMI receives early feedback on its services and requirements to extend and improve their functionality. Together EMI and interested technical partners make sure the user experience when using applications or services based on EMI is coherent and consistent.

The program continues and extends the EGEE RESPECT program, with a more formal set of commitments and a mutual technical collaboration aspect. Technical partners joining the program must commit to adhere to the quality levels that EMI strives to achieve during its development process. In order to use the Works with EMI program logo, the partners must implement a certification process able to document the level of testing performed. The technical partners of so they wish get access to the EMI software engineering platform and certification testbeds in order to perform their tests in the same environment where EMI itself is developed and tested

The collaboration is based on the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding between EMI and the technical partner joining the program. The MoU, which specifies the framework of collaboration between EMI and the technical partner, includes the joint work plan, benefits for the parties involved, roles, responsibilities and timeline of collaboration.

Current members of the Works with EMI program include: