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EMI services allow researchers to harness the power of distributed Grid infrastructures and execute complex computational and data analysis workflows.

EMI includes all the services necessary to establish trust relationships, the general data, and the computing workload management tools, together with the distributed monitoring and accounting systems. Scientists can work at the same time in an easy and transparent way on hundreds of these centres located in many different countries.

Due to these specific characteristics, beyond High Energy Physics (HEP), using distributed computational and storage resources, EMI is able to meet the needs of many other scientific communities including Life Sciences, Neurosciences, and Earth Sciences.

  • Life Sciences community represents one concrete use case of using the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and its National Grid Initiatives(NGIs) with EMI products in particular in the research around antibiotics. Concrete applications are molecular dynamics simulations that model the physical movement of atoms and molecules over time, demonstrating how molecular dynamic simulations can not only be used by large supercomputers, but also by Grid computing methods. Although this specific example, the same approach can be extended to many other life sciences codes and applications.
  • Neurosciences community is driven by the NeuGRID for You project and its wide variety of internationally renowned collaborations aiming to boost the drug discovery process for neurodegenerative and other brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disorder. Neuroscientists use the NeuGRID for Youand underlying infrastructures to run the so-called ‘CPU-intensive pipelines' on large datasets of brain scans. This enables several approaches such as experimenting with the most popular pipelines for brain image analysis and to benchmark the image analysis pipeline of neuroscientists. The whole framework ofNeuGRID for Youaims to lower the barriers in order to access e-Science infrastructures for computational neuroimaging in a seamless fashion.
  • Earth Sciences community represents a broad range of related projects that take advantage of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and its National Grid Initiatives(NGIs). This means that the usage of several EMI products is employed in various earth science research activities. In particular, through the iMarine infrastructure, EMI provides one specific example in the context of coastal research. However, the same setup stands for many other solutions in similar contexts. 

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