The EMI Middleware Releases The EMI Middleware Releases

EMI releases are available from the official EMI Repository.

EMI Releases

The goals of the European Middleware Initiative (EMI) is to pull together the best middleware experts in Europe. During the three year duration of the EMI project, the EMI developers and engineers will work together to consolidate, harmonize and support the existing software products, evolving and extending them based on existing and new requirements. Redundant or duplicate services resulting from the merging are deprecated; new services will be added to satisfy user requirements or specific consolidation needs. Input for the development activities is taken from users, infrastructures projects, standardization initiatives or changing technological innovations. The software components are adapted as necessary to comply with standard open source guidelines to facilitate the integration in mainstream operating system distributions.

The maintenance and development of the EMI services is based on a 5-step yearly cycle as shown in the image below.













All EMI major releases are full releases, meaning that all software components are built, tested, distributed together, including components that were not changed.

All minor, revision or emergency releases are releases of individual components that have changed or are new since the last full release.

Major Releases

EMI-Releases are time-based. Major releases are delivered once per year, offering good balance between the conflicting requirements of stability and innovation, allowing in this way customers to plan in advance organize their updates and have a preview of what will be available.

Release Code Name Release Date End of Full Support End of Standard Updates End of Security Updates and Support
EMI 1 Kebnekaise May 12, 2011 April 30, 2012 October 31, 2012 April 30, 2013
EMI 2 Matterhorn May 21, 2012 April 30, 2013 October 31, 2013* April 30, 2014*
EMI 3 Monte Bianco March 11, 2013 April 30, 2014* October 31, 2014 April 30, 2015*







Full Support: updates are released to address issues in the code and new features are provided (lasts 12 months)

Standard Updates: updates are released to address issues in the code but no new features are provided (lasts 6 months)

Security Updates and Support: only updates targeting security vulnerabilities are provided (6 months).

Within an EMI major release only the latest version of a component is supported, and updates are implemented targeting such version. 

As older versions of the EMI products are superseded by newer versions, an end-of-life annoucement is made which coincides with the end of the security updates and support period.

If you want to check product by product, check the detailed retirement calendar.

 *This date is beyond the lifetime of the EMI project and depends on the individual partners commitments to their supported  products.

Component Releases

Minor Releases

These contain interface or functional changes that are backwards-compatible with those of the current major release. They are issued a few times per year.

Revision Releases

Available every week or two weeks. They contain only bug fixes.

Emergency Releases

They contain only very specific bug fixes, typically security-related and are available as need, using emergency release procedures.

Package Repositories

EMI releases are available from the official EMI Repository.

Older releases of the middleware services can be downloaded from the repositories managed by the partner middleware distributions.

Release Announcements

Stay updated subscribing the EMI RSS release feed  or subscribing EMI Announce Mailing List