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EMI is a software platform at the core of Grid middleware distributions used by distributed computing infrastructures worldwide, such as and the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), supporting the physics research on-going at CERN, and the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI), sustaining different services.

The EMI set of software tools glues thousands of connected computing and storage resources in Europe into the Distributed High Throughput Computing (DHTC) infrastructure. EMI produces middleware services in four main areas: Compute, Data, Security and Information Systems. They enable e-science communities to deploy and run their applications, workflows, and portals.

The EMI products are used in a wide variety of use cases covering a broad range of scientific disciplines and in cloud-based environments. For instance, some of them are leveraging EMI by creating portal and gateways and assuring the interoperability between middleware products. They are very prominent in the scientific communities and can be extended to commercial environments. All EMI use cases should be part of the future Middleware Development and Innovation Alliance (MeDIA), after the project runtime.

  • The European Desktop Grid Initiative (EDGI) offers functionality to extend ‘Service Grids' with ‘Desktop Grids', known from SETI@HOME, the famous scientific experiment that uses the e-infrastructure of connected computers in the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). EMI products with EDGI bridges can be used not only with cluster Grids or supercomputers, but also with public and institutional Desktop Grids, including also access to clouds. In particular, the volunteer and organizational Desktop Grids have their role in an ever increasing economic crisis in Europe and the rising amount of citizen scientists that are expected to contribute more in European research.
  • Scientific Gateway  : The Co-ordination and Harmonisation of Advanced e-Infrastructures for Research and Education Data Sharing (CHAIN-REDS)project lead the scientific gateway interoperability. This project uses EMI products and supports technological and scientific collaboration across different e-Infrastructures established and operated in various continents around the world. The work of CHAIN-REDS with EMI products enables a global ecosystem that allows virtual research communities to access and efficiently use geographically distributed resources via the CHAIN scientific gateway in a lightweight and easy manner. The specific case study is the use of the Simple Application programming interface (API)for Grid Applications (SAGA) for the access to different EMI products and other middleware components

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