EMI launches MeDIA initiative EMI launches MeDIA initiative

Open, lightweight collaboration on distributed middleware technology

To facilitate the development and evolution of middleware solutions beyond the current short-term project limits, EMI is presenting an initiative for a long-term, open, lightweight collaboration on the coordination of distributed middleware technologies: the MiddlEware Development and Innovation Alliance (MEDIA). 

A launch event for this initiative will take place in Rome, on April 22nd, 2013. This workshop will summarize three years of work and achievements of the EMI project and kick-start the activity of the MEDIA initiative. It will include a description of the motivations and the proposed mandate, scope activities and a public discussion on how to implement the activities and on the most immediate tasks to be performed. For further details, please see the draft proposal

The expected participation is from team leaders and members of middleware development teams, user communities technical experts, infrastructure providers, application developers, commercial companies interested to hear about future coordination plans of middleware providers and provide feedback and requirements to the initiative.