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The 5th EMI All-Hands, Budapest

The Fall 2012 EMI All Hands meeting will take place in Budapest from Monday 29 October to Wednesday 31 October 2012. It is hosted by NIIFI.

As we are getting closer to the conclusion of the EMI project, we are working on the third snapshot release (EMI 3 – Monte Bianco) and all the features we have pledged to provide with it. However, the end of the EMI project is not necessarily the end of a fruitful collaboration among the EMI partners. Infrastructures and researchers are going to need the middleware for a few more years at least and rely on what we provide.

Therefore this meeting has a special focus. What form the future EMI collaboration can take? What should it provide? How is it managed? What shape the middleware service should take and what additional features are needed beyond the end of the EMI projects? What form is the relationship with EGI, WLCG and other major projects or infrastructures going to take in the future?

There are many questions that deserve concrete answers and we would like this meeting to start providing some of them. There are both technical and strategic or managerial issues to be addressed.

The proposal is to dedicate Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to a detailed discussion on long-term strategic issues, partnerships, collaborations, global tasks, etc. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning will be more focused on the more technical aspects of release management, technology roadmaps, future common work and so on. Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon are available to Technical Areas to set up technical sessions to discuss any immediate short-term issue related to EMI 3 and its components.

Event schedule, logistics and other and information can be found here.

Royal Palace and the Freedom bridge, (c)

EGI TF 2012 : EMI Agenda

As usual, EMI is one of the major contributor for the EGI Technical Forum. You can find below the EMI-specific events, where you can gather information and insights about our products. You can find EMI people in the exhibition venue at booth #14, where you get in touch with us for further information.

The full agenda of the EGI Technical Forum conference can be found here.
Looking forward to see you in Prague !

EMI Presentations

Click on the contribution title to get full details. You can also download the pdf version

  Tuesday 18/9 Wednesday 19/9 Thursday 20/9

New Middleware Products

11:00 Future Proof with DPM

11:20 Dynamic federations: storage aggregation using open tools and protocols

11:40 dCache: challenges and opportunities when growing into new communities


11:00 Configuring EMI services through YAIM
12:00 Site BDII installation and configuration


Operations Workshops

11:00 New types of accounting records

11:40 APEL as a global accounting repository

Resource Infrastructure Services

11:00 Testing SLURM batch system for a grid farm: functionalities, scalability, performance and how it works with Cream-CE

Towards an integrated information system - workshop

This is the third joint EGI/EMI/IGE workshop that focuses on the need of an EGI integrated infrastructure for middleware services discovery across heterogeneous grid infrastructures - based on ARC, gLite, GLOBUS, UNICORE – and virtualized resources


New Middleware Products


Research Infrastructures

14:00 EMI Product Use Cases - Supporting Science in Distributed Systems

14:00 CREAM installation, configuration and troubleshooting
15:00 WMS installation and configuration

AAI Workshop

14:15 EMI STS - Transforming the existing user credentials for the Grid

Resource Infrastructure Services

Sustainability of Technology providers

14:00 Commercial applications of open source middleware: the EMI and DCore experience



New Middleware Products

Software services for community..
16:30   ScienceSoft - Open Software for Open Science - Call For Participation to Our Community

16:00 DPM migration from gLite 3.2 to EMI2

16:45 Introduction to EMIR : installation, service configuration, and demonstration of a working instance 

Cloud Management Solutions

16:00 Monitoring Virtual Machine Status with L&B

Resource Infrastructure Services


EMI at International SuperComputing 2012

After the successful last year participation, EMI has been part again of ISC 2012, delving into the exciting atmosphere of this event showcasing latest advances, trends and achievements in High Performance Computing. The EMI booth was opened by the press tour, eager to know about EMI capabilities and features, with particular regards to HPC. Afterwards, the EMI booth was attended by a huge number of visitors, that, attracted both from the EMI give aways and the outlined middleware capabilities, learned also about EMI future plans and the ScienceSoft initiative.

In fact, attendees had different backgrounds, from academics running HPC centres, and interested in employing some of the EMI solutions, to commercial software providers willing to know more about some of the cutting edge EMI features, for data managements in particulare. The booth had so many attendees that in the end no give away gadgets for visitors were left ! 
EMI will not be present in the next ISC edition, to be held in Dresden in June 2013, but maybe some other initiative will have taken EMI's place for that time !

EMI at CHEP 2012


The International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) is a major series of international conferences for physicists and computing professionals from the high energy and nuclear physics community, computer science, and information technology. CHEP 2012 is organized by Brookhaven National Laboratory and co-sponsoredby New York University. EMI is proud academic sponsor, and will be at CHEP 2012 with an exhibition booth as well posters and talks. For more information please follow the link to the conference web site.

The 4th All-Hands Meeting in Hamburg

May 2012

The 4th EMI All Hands Meeting will be in Hamburg 8-10 May 2012, hosted
by the DESY team.

The 4th AHM will cover, among other things:

  • EMI 2 Matterhorn status and lessons learned
  • EMI 3 Monte Bianco roadmap
  • WP status and year 3 plans
  • Top priority developments in year 3
  • Sustainability strategy and product provisioning after EMI

You will find the timetable, accommodation and travel
information at:

The registration page, including registration fee information, will open on 10th April.

The AHM Hamburg organizers 











DESY Research Centre, Hamburg

EMI at ISGC'12

2012 has seen the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds decennium anniversary, adequately

celebrating the established appointment for researchers and e-scientist from all over the world, attracted by the stimulating
scientific program, traditionally including the most relevant progresses in and for digital infrastructures, providing at the same
time a privileged observatory for Asia-Pacific e-Science activities.

Alberto Di Meglio, EMI Project Director, and Patrick Fuhrmann,  providing speeches respectively on ScienceSoft and EMI Data Management advances in project year 2

Remarking its role in DCI's evolutions, EMI was present with its key persons, contributing to this year hottest topics, such as Middleware, Interoperability, Security, Sustainability, Infrastructure Clouds & Virtualisation, all presenting the current achievements, and outlining the future plans of the project. Furthermore, with the supportive help of Academia Sinica friends, EMI set up an exhibition booth, where ISGC attendees could get additional information and find out more on the EMI services and products. Moreover, by participating to an online game many attendees got the chance to take back home an EMI branded gift, and the promise to get a richer one in the next EMI appointment at the EMI Second Technical Conference in Munich !

Alberto Aimar, describing CERN virtualized infrastructure supporting EMI development. Alberto Di Meglio, Steven Newhouse ( Director and Commitee Chair) and Simon Lin (Local host) at EMI booth.