The 1st EMI All Hands Meeting The 1st EMI All Hands Meeting

November 2010

The EMI 2010 All Hands Meeting, hosted by CESNET, will be held in Prague on 22-24 November 2010.

The location is Hotel Golf, Prague.

For venue, accommodation and other logistics, go to the event page.

To have a look at the scientific programme, please follow this link.

The Chairing Commitee:

  • Mr. Krenek, Ales
  • Dr. Di Meglio, Alberto
  • Mr. Sustr, Zdenek

Welcome to EMI! Welcome to EMI!

April 2010

The EMI project was born on May 1st, 2010 out of the joint efforts of the major European distributed computing middleware providers.

ARC, gLite, UNICORE and dCache have joined forces and brought together years of expertise in distributed, secure compute and data management services. Their goal is to support and evolve the European and international research infrastructures, to allow an increasing number of scientists and researchers to access resources, data and applications across the world.

EMI's main goals are to improve the reliability, usability and stability of the middleware services, closely listening to the requirements of users and infrastructure providers.

EMI strives to adopt professional best practices in developing and supporting its software, truly implementing a vision of sustainable research infrastructures where the middleware becomes transparently part of the everyday work of academic and industrial researchers. EMI plans to do this by consolidating the existing middleware services, by making them simpler and easier to use, by adopting, improving and proposing working standards and by carefully integrating proven and new technologies.

More than one hundred software developers, testers, designers, team leaders, and project managers from 26 Institutes in 18 Countries, in Europe and outside are now working together to implement this vision. But ultimately what EMI will produce in the next three years depends also on you, the infrastructure administrator, the application developer, the researcher. Tell us what you need, how you work, what you expect. We are listening.

Welcome to EMI.

  Alberto Di Meglio
  EMI Project Director