EMI Agenda at the EGI Technical Conference 2012 EMI Agenda at the EGI Technical Conference 2012

As usual, EMI is one of the major contributor for the EGI Technical Forum. You can find below the EMI-specific events, where you can gather information and insights about our products. You can find EMI people in the exhibition venue at booth #14, where you get in touch with us for further information.

The full agenda of the EGI Technical Forum conference can be found here.
Looking forward to see you in Prague !

EMI Presentations

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  Tuesday 18/9 Wednesday 19/9 Thursday 20/9

New Middleware Products

11:00 Future Proof with DPM

11:20 Dynamic federations: storage aggregation using open tools and protocols

11:40 dCache: challenges and opportunities when growing into new communities


11:00 Configuring EMI services through YAIM
12:00 Site BDII installation and configuration


Operations Workshops

11:00 New types of accounting records

11:40 APEL as a global accounting repository

Resource Infrastructure Services

11:00 Testing SLURM batch system for a grid farm: functionalities, scalability, performance and how it works with Cream-CE

Towards an integrated information system - workshop

This is the third joint EGI/EMI/IGE workshop that focuses on the need of an EGI integrated infrastructure for middleware services discovery across heterogeneous grid infrastructures - based on ARC, gLite, GLOBUS, UNICORE – and virtualized resources


New Middleware Products


Research Infrastructures

14:00 EMI Product Use Cases - Supporting Science in Distributed Systems

14:00 CREAM installation, configuration and troubleshooting
15:00 WMS installation and configuration

AAI Workshop

14:15 EMI STS - Transforming the existing user credentials for the Grid

Resource Infrastructure Services

Sustainability of Technology providers

14:00 Commercial applications of open source middleware: the EMI and DCore experience



New Middleware Products

Software services for community..
16:30   ScienceSoft - Open Software for Open Science - Call For Participation to Our Community

16:00 DPM migration from gLite 3.2 to EMI2

16:45 Introduction to EMIR : installation, service configuration, and demonstration of a working instance 

Cloud Management Solutions

16:00 Monitoring Virtual Machine Status with L&B

Resource Infrastructure Services