Distribution channels Distribution channels

Official EMI Repository

The official distribution channel for the EMI software is the EMI Software Repository

Endorsed Downstream Repositories

EMI has also established agreement of service with infrastructure providers to redistributed in full or in part the EMI software as standalone products or integrated within downstream distributions. The following repository are currently endorsed:

The EGI UMD Repository

The UMD/EGI Repo Portal provides a unified point of contact for users to access the software repositories. It provides the users with a search interface to access packages and instructions on the use of repos for software developed for the EGI project, using metadata provided by the software providers

Upstream Repositories

The EPEL Repository

A number of EMI components are also available from the EPEL repository. Versions of the EMI services that are distributed from the EPEL repository after being officially released by EMI are entitled to the same level of support of those available from the EMI repository.