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The EMI-Data software distribution provides products and solutions capable of building and operating a worldwide data management infrastructure.

The fundamentals of EMI-data are to significantly reduce expenses in operating large storage management systems and to be competitive with industry products, by consequently applying common standards.

EMI-Data combines production proofed components and long time experience of the three major European middlewares (ARC, gLite, UNICORE) and the dCache Storage Technology to a powerful and consistent storage software distribution.

To be competitive with industry solutions and services, EMI-Data is placing emphasis on commonly adapted standards:

  • EMI Storage Elements will provide POSIX access to data via the NFS 4.1 (pNFS) protocol, allowing to integrate highly distributed data systems into the local file system name space.
  • All data will be made available via the widely used Web protocols http(s) and WebDav.
  • Fine grained remote data management control will be provided through the Storage Resource Manager (SRM) protocol, which has been successfully used in the LHC Computing Grid for at least half a decade.
  • Wherever possible, remote protocols will be secured by the common X509/SSL web authentication standard, allowing interaction with widely deployed clients, e.g., Web browsers.

For maximum security, EMI data components will be integrated with ARGUS, the EMI authorization infrastructure, allowing centralized blacklisting of misbehaving or malicious individuals.

The EMI Data Management distribution will ensure namespace consistency between the different storage, metadata and data-location services.

Components will report accounting information in a common format, offering fine grained billing of storage and transfer requests.

As all EMI-Data components will provide monitoring information through a standard interface, respectively API, this data can be centrally collected and processes, which in consequence significantly reduces operational costs.

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Contact: Patrick Fuhrmann
E-mail: patrick.fuhrmann(AT)