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EMI-Compute is focusing its efforts on the implementation of standard solutions, the adoption of common tools and technologies, and overall simplification for both usage and maintenance, referring to the set of production proofed job management services of the major European middleware stacks (ARC, gLite, UNICORE). The team will ensure that all the providers adopt common approaches, including common libraries, simplifying the job of application developers of in designing their tools, gateways and portals. Emphasis is also placed on the evolution of such services, to address new requirements and to adapt to the changes in the underlying used technologies.

Existing job management services have been designed and implemented using different and incompatible approaches, often referring to proprietary solutions.

EMI-Compute is addressing this issue, defining the interface for an EMI execution service (EMI-ES), that will be implemented in the existing job management services.

This will facilitate interoperability since a single job description language and a common job management interface will allow users to easily access and use different implementations of job management services using the same mechanisms.

Consolidation and harmonization of clients is also being addressed, to improve usability, maintainability and portability.

Execution of parallel and MPI jobs will be harmonized. A standard EMI unified layer, targeted to the end user and responsible to manage the parallel applications, hiding the underlying details, will be provided. Parallel computing capabilities will be also extended to better address new requirements and scenarios.

The EMI job management services will be integrated with Argus, the EMI authorization service, instead of referring to different authorization mechanisms. This will allow central blacklisting, will address the problem of inconsistent authorization decisions, and will ease deployment and maintenance.

EMI common solutions in the areas of accounting, messaging, service configuration and monitoring will be adopted and integrated in the EMI compute services.

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Contact: Marco Cecchi
E-mail: marco.cecchi(AT)