WeNMR builds on the established eNMR e-Infrastructure and its steadily growing virtual organization, which is currently the second largest VO in the area of life sciences. WeNMR will consolidate the operation of the current services and provide an e-Infrastructure platform and Science Gateway for structural biology towards EGI for the users of existing infrastructures. It will involve researchers from around the world and will build bridges to other areas of structural biology. Integration with SAXS, a rapidly growing and highly complementary method, is directly included in WeNMR, but links will also be established to related initiatives. WeNMR will serve all relevant INSTRUCT communities in line with the ESFRI roadmap.

EMI signed an MoU with WeNMR in April 2011 containing the following action points:

  • To facilitate preview of EMI release
  • To adopt EMI releases
  • To provide EMI with timely feedback on the services and functionality under development

As such, the MoU establishes WeNMR as a member of Works with EMI.