eScienceTalk eScienceTalk


e-ScienceTalk brings the success stories of Europe's e-infrastructure to a wider audience. The project coordinates the dissemination outputs of EGI and other European e-Infrastructure projects, ensuring their results and influence are reported in print and online.

EMI signed an MoU with eScienceTalk in May 2011 containing the following action points:

  • Disseminating new applications of relevance through the e-ScienceTalk dissemination channels 
  • Disseminating the outputs of EMI in e-ScienceTalk publications 
  • Raising the awareness of other potential users and decision makers, through the presentation of the results of [PROJECT], about the usefulness of e-Infrastructures for e-Science. 
  • EMI will provide content and information about the project and applications of relevance to their community to e-ScienceTalk publications such as iSGTW and the policy documents, the GridBriefings 
  • EMI will promote e-ScienceTalk's products to its communities and contacts, for example by offering registrants to events the opportunity to subscribe to iSGTW 
  • EMI will offer e-ScienceTalk the opportunity to act as media sponsors for events that it organises, including adding the e-ScienceTalk logos and links to e-ScienceTalk products to the event website, in return for promotional activities for the event.