D4Science D4Science


D4Science-II is a continuation of the DILIGENT and D4Science projects. The project aims to provide mechanisms for facilitating interoperation of the D4Science e-Infrastructure with diverse other data e-Infrastructures that are running autonomously, thus creating the core of an e-Infrastructure Ecosystem.

D4Science-II will bring together several scientific e-Infrastructures established in areas such as biodiversity, fishery resources management and high energy physics. Specific products are the D4Science Virtual Research Enviroments and gCube.

EMI signed an MoU with D4Science in November 2010 containing the following action points:

  • To provide D4science-II access to the EMI-managed ETICS Production Service
  • To facilitate preview of EMI release
  • To adopt EMI releases
  • To provide EMI with timely feedback on the services and functionality under development

As such, the MoU establishes D4Science as a member of Works with EMI.