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The EMI services have been originally designed to support large scientific collaborations working from universities and research centres across the world. EMI provides services spanning all critical areas of distributed computing from job management to data management, from security to accounting and service registration and discovery.

One of the major objective of EMI, however, is to make each service a product in its own right with a clear description of the functionality, published interfaces, and use cases. Many EMI services provide out-of-the-box functionality that can be integrated in custom solutions to provide efficient secure data storage and data analysis in areas like healthcare, finance or industrial applications.

All software is released under standard open source licenses, like Apache 2.0 or BSD 3, which allow commercial usage under clear terms. The technical documentation is released under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0, which provides similar possibilities. Several EMI partners have also the possibility to establish direct support or partnership contracts with interested companies. 

We welcome collaborations on innovative solutions using the EMI services or ideas on how to exploit commercially our open source software.