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The 5th EMI All-Hands, Budapest

The Fall 2012 EMI All Hands meeting will take place in Budapest from Monday 29 October to Wednesday 31 October 2012. It is hosted by NIIFI.

As we are getting closer to the conclusion of the EMI project, we are working on the third snapshot release (EMI 3 – Monte Bianco) and all the features we have pledged to provide with it. However, the end of the EMI project is not necessarily the end of a fruitful collaboration among the EMI partners. Infrastructures and researchers are going to need the middleware for a few more years at least and rely on what we provide.

Therefore this meeting has a special focus. What form the future EMI collaboration can take? What should it provide? How is it managed? What shape the middleware service should take and what additional features are needed beyond the end of the EMI projects? What form is the relationship with EGI, WLCG and other major projects or infrastructures going to take in the future?

There are many questions that deserve concrete answers and we would like this meeting to start providing some of them. There are both technical and strategic or managerial issues to be addressed.

The proposal is to dedicate Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to a detailed discussion on long-term strategic issues, partnerships, collaborations, global tasks, etc. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning will be more focused on the more technical aspects of release management, technology roadmaps, future common work and so on. Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon are available to Technical Areas to set up technical sessions to discuss any immediate short-term issue related to EMI 3 and its components.

Event schedule, logistics and other and information can be found here.

Royal Palace and the Freedom bridge, (c)

The 4th All-Hands Meeting in Hamburg

May 2012

The 4th EMI All Hands Meeting will be in Hamburg 8-10 May 2012, hosted
by the DESY team.

The 4th AHM will cover, among other things:

  • EMI 2 Matterhorn status and lessons learned
  • EMI 3 Monte Bianco roadmap
  • WP status and year 3 plans
  • Top priority developments in year 3
  • Sustainability strategy and product provisioning after EMI

You will find the timetable, accommodation and travel
information at:

The registration page, including registration fee information, will open on 10th April.

The AHM Hamburg organizers 











DESY Research Centre, Hamburg

The 3rd EMI All Hands Meeting


October 2011

The third EMI All Hands Meeting, hold in the delightful venue of Padua, Italy, from October 17th to 19th, is over. The meeting has been the occasion for project members to assess the project achievements after its first half, and to consolidate strategies for accomplishment of the objectives left for the remaining period and beyond, with an outlook to the future sustainability of project products after the 18 months remaining.

Full details on the covered topics can be found in the event agenda.

The 2nd EMI All-Hands Meeting


June 2011

Bike signs in LundThe second EMI All-hands meeting ended on June 1st in Lund, Sweden. Thank you to all participants for contributing to the success of the event. Meeting agenda and logistics information are still available on the event page.

Pictures from the meeting can be found on the EMI Flickr account.

Bike signs in Lund, Sweden. Photo by Andrea Caltroni

The 1st EMI All Hands Meeting

November 2010

The EMI 2010 All Hands Meeting, hosted by CESNET, will be held in Prague on 22-24 November 2010.

The location is Hotel Golf, Prague.

For venue, accommodation and other logistics, go to the event page.

To have a look at the scientific programme, please follow this link.

The Chairing Commitee:

  • Mr. Krenek, Ales
  • Dr. Di Meglio, Alberto
  • Mr. Sustr, Zdenek